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Paul Dickinson
An accomplished singer and songwriter, Paul adds to his credits seven years of formal music education and a BA in Fine Arts. He is a multi-instrumentalist experienced in guitar, mandolin, bass, piano and clarinet. He self studies sound recording, mixing and mastering, and is well versed in virtual instrumentation and midi programming.

Paul started his career playing the local Baltimore college and bar scene. He was a member in several bands, played as a duet, and finally worked as a solo musician. Paul's experience includes playing Philadelphia's Veterans stadium (solo performer), Baltimore's Port Welcome,  and various bar & pub settings in Baltimore including the former Yorkshire Pub and Angels Grotto.

Settling down and raising a family, Paul stayed engaged in songwriting and has self produced two full length CD's of original music, the most recent in 2008. His CDs' contain all original material and exclusive performances and were completely self-produced, delineating Paul's wide range of talent and professionalism.

About Me

Born in 1959 and exposed to the swing bands at an early age it was obvious I had no choice but to LOVE music. Not only did my Dad's Zenith HiFi nearly blow the roof off the house, but it made music unavoidable! After a day of my mother's "You are my lucky star" renditions,  loud became the rule when Dad got home. He blasted swing artists like Basie and Ella, which then later gave way to Tin Pan Alley artists like Neil Diamond. Soon classic rock and rollers like Springsteen, The Eagles and Billy Joel regularly played over Dad's new single block HiFi. And if that were not enough, it wasn't long before my older brothers were importing Tom Rush and Todd Rundgren into the house on their own stereos (for those of you over 40!). It didn't hurt that my sister kept her old Diana Ross & the Supremes albums nearby for a touch of Motown. Needless to say, a wide range of musical exposure was at my beck and call.

After taking up guitar lessons, I came face to face with the roots of music. My early teachers included swing band session musicians,  Peabody graduates and a host of others. Looking back, I didn't know how lucky I was. I now know these chance encounters gave me a great perspective from which to learn and love music.

Today I enjoy the very "roots driven" Coffee House circuit, where artists like Shawn Mullins and Steve Forbert now "round" off my experience and inspiration.

So, now years after leaving my heart behind, I have returned to music with a passion. I hope my experiences create a unique mix of stories, faces and emotions that you find reflected in my music.

Finally, as much as I am dedicated to the art of songwriting, I also have a passion for the technical side of music (friends hate me near their car stereos!). All of the work you hear on my recordings come from my own studio work. After years of self study, Validamide is my sound engineering debut! I hope you find it fresh and energetic.

Please take a moment to listen, sit back and enjoy my songs. I hope they become yours.

"New songs; you give birth to them and pretty soon, they're not yours anymore." ND    


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